Monday, 3 May 2010

The long awaited dogshowhello update - news and the like

Hello hello my estranged dogshowhello-ers! Long time no type, but I do have my reasons - which will be explained below in just a second, but first I want to just thank everyone who has ever read or commented on any of my posts here.

Since starting this blog I have had a little jog of excitement whenever anyone has spoken to me about the dogshowhello - it makes me happy to know that people are paying attention and nice to know that I have a platform to spout my own peculiar brand of rubbish from; so thanks for that!

Onto current business though - in the last few months I've been quite busy offline and am happy to announce that TOMORROW (May 4th 2010) I start my MA in Film Making at the London Film School. Exciting, no?!

As such I'm going to have a lot of creative updates and material to put onto the site - I plan to document the two years of work on this here blog. I'm also hoping to use your feedback in shaping my ideas and work. By making ongoing projects available to comment on I hope to make dogshowhello a much more interactive dialogue with users of the blog having a visable impact on the finished work. (Well, until I decide I know better than everyone else, natch!)

Exciting times ahead!

Thanks again, WOOFs for all,

Sam Sam

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