Tuesday, 9 February 2010

found footage music video for "From Stardust to Sentience" by High Places

Hello dogshowhelloers! Have I got a treat for you today or what!

From Stardust to Sentience (video by Sam Mildner, song by High Places) from Sam Mildner on Vimeo.

I've been compiling an archive of "found" footage for quite a while now, and this is the first time I've made any of my experiments publicly viewable.

The idea to make a music video came about after I wanted to try cutting sympathetically to music. After this was decided it was a logical step to choose "From Stardust to Sentience" - aside from the fact that I love the song, it has a definite beat, musical variations, and a feeling of nostalgia, which suited the nature of the found footage.

In my original email to the band I outlined the following intentions for the video:

"As for the project, I'm using the title of the song as a key thematic element - however, I feel the song to be not only about the literal birth of the universe, but also consciousness, realization and growth.

As such I'm using joyous, lyrical images and cutting very sympathetically to the music - I hope to open with images of childhood and end with a couple walking off into a mountain range (although this is subject to change!)

The idea being that over the course of the song we have witnessed an individual's journey from (wait for it!) stardust to sentience. YEAH!!!

There's going to be lots of nostalgic childhood imagery, nature, images of flying and ascent, mountains and, of course, high places :-D "

As you will have no doubt seen by now, I stuck pretty close to the original plan, but changed the end section (the couple in the mountains) to the middle section of the song. I did this because it fit my understanding of that moment's emotional core, but also because it allowed me to end the video with the "snapshot" look at a man's life.

After collating the footage I knew that this would be the most affecting way to end the video, a bittersweet look back at life, but whilst still acknowledging that life goes on.

Since I've been working on this video pretty non-stop I don't really have any perspective yet, but I think I'm quite pleased with the result - hopefully you, and High Places, agree!

more exciting posts to come soon!

sam sam

PS. If you would like a better quality version of the video just send me an email :-D

PPS. If you like High Places, you should support them by visiting their blog and buying their albums! Here's some handy links!


  1. Dear Sam,
    I loved your video, i thought it was beautiful and got highly emotional watching it. I loved the music as well. It inspired me. Currently i am working with film and rotoscoping, ive been looking at how people eat, and have made a stopmotion film to someone eating spaghetti all gross. when its finished i will send it to you and you can tell me what you think. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx this video has made my day special, thankyou. x

  2. charlie cameron4 April 2010 at 00:34

    hey dude cheers for the kind words!!, that high places vid is looking real a treat!!! i espesialy enjoying those grainy warps were the the film has degraded, it feels very warm!! you should chuck us some links about those comic books we chating about at beaus, they sound awsome! much appreciated!! ps, skylark recording shaping up to be a winner!! much love dude xxxx


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